Hi there! Traveling brings it’s own set of issues, doesn’t it? I’ve been without the internet and gym for more than a week!

I’m using the internet at Austin’s grandparents this morning so that I could check in and let you know how I’m going to overcome the no-gym predicament that I’ve found myself in.

I’ll be honest, I was tempted to skip the workouts completely but quickly realized that I don’t feel as well when I don’t exercise. Not only do I feel fatigued, I tend to get irritable when I skip too many workouts. 

While looking for a simple solution that won’t cost a fortune, I’ve discovered that my best no-gym options will be running, cycling, and picking up a set of resistance bands. I’ll take my bands down into Austin’s man-cave, borrow his weights and bench and create a routine that works for me whenever I’m in Ohio…

And I’ll be in Ohio a lot! My daughter is here, my son-in-law is here, and my new grand-daughter will be here  very soon. 

So I’m off to Play It Again Sports……. I’ll check in next week to let you know how this new routine is going!



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