More on Diet Sodas

Mark Hyman, MDI’d like to quote a passage from The Blood Sugar Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman.

If you are thinking that diet soft drinks are the answer, think again. Diet drink consumption has increased 400 percent since 1960. They may or may not cause cancer, but the evidence is mounting that they lead to weight gain rather than weight loss. Those who consume diet drinks regularly have a 200 percent increased risk of weight gain, a 36 percent increased risk of pre-diabetes or metabolic syndrome, and a 67 percent increased risk of diabetes. A study of over 400 people found that those who drank two diet sodas a day had five times the increase in waist circumference as those who did not drink soda.Seems you can’t outsmart Mother Nature….

If you would like to read more from Dr. Hyman, please click on the picture to purchase the book from Amazon.

Instead of reaching for that diet soda, try adding a fresh peach to a pitcher of green tea!

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