I got up for the early service at the East Gate Christian Fellowship this morning. The people were very welcoming and invited me to join them for various events and to come to the Women’s Bible Study. I enjoyed the teaching and look forward to visiting them again in the future.

Afterwards I took myself out to breakfast and The Egg & I. I had the apple cinnamon granola pancake and it was quite delicious. Once again I realized that I’m not the average American cause I left more than half the pancake on my plate….. Every now and then it’s okay to treat yourself but always remember that you don’t have to eat all of it!

Then I went to the Farmer’s Market for fresh fruit, veggies, and homemade pita bread. I also stopped by the spice guys for some fresh spices to send to Hannah in Ohio. Seriously, you can’t beat their spices or their prices!

I decided that I didn’t want to take a nap or spend the afternoon at the beach so I went to check out The Fresh Market in Destin. I did take a detour at the Bass Pro Shop to have my picture taken with the Duckmen!

Bass Pro Shop, Destin FL

ImageOnce I got home, I grabbed a half of a piece of pita bread, a bottle of water,  and a  salad to end the day with a picnic on the beach.

What a wonderful day God has given me!

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