Farmer’s Market

ImageThe sun was shining this morning which meant that the Farmer’s Market was OPEN! I absolutely love going to this market. My new Israeli friends were there today and this is just a small picture of the great veggies they brought with them. If Hank were here with me I probably would have bought one of everything. However, being by myself, I decided that it would be wiser to think smaller and stop by the Fresh Market if I need anything else.

ImageSo, here’s my well-stocked fridge…. I’ve got Almond Milk for my protein shakes, fresh peppers, yellow zucchini, tomatoes, purple onions, spinach,  spring mix, and fresh figs. I also picked up fresh Greek Seasoning from the Farmer’s Market to make a vinaigrette. (Please note that the cream cheese was left behind by my very pregnant daughter who wanted bagels for breakfast.)

A rotisserie chicken will give me that extra protein in my salads and I’m sure that I’ll make it by the seafood market at some point in the week!

The only way to eat well is to plan well.  By choosing not to stock my fridge with processed foods, I’m choosing to eat from God’s bounty!

While at the market, my new friends explained to me that a good marriage is like growing a garden. The wedding is like planting a seed but without water, sunshine, and weeding that seed will not produce fruit…..

Happy Sunday! And thanks for taking the time to read my blog and looking at my pictures!

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