the new girl

It felt like high school all over again. Once again, I was the new girl. And even though I’m almost 50 years old I was scared.

Like in high school,  I wasn’t so scared that I didn’t go.

One thing I’ve learned since high school is that very few people even notice you when you’re the new girl. Most have their own friends, their own routines, and they really could care less if you show up. That’s why I wasn’t so scared that I stayed home.

You must be wondering where I went today…. I went to a new gym. Gold’s Gym in Panama City Beach. Since I’m here for a long vacation I need to keep up my healthy routines and that includes working out at least four days a week.

I put on my brave face, laced up my tennis shoes, and walked in like I knew where I was and what I was doing. And for the most part, I did. I know how to use dumbbells, barbells, and treadmills. Then I discovered this great piece of cardio equipment that I’ve seen on the Biggest Loser. It’s steps. Not a stepper but steps! And it kicked my butt!

If I can do it scared, so can you! Don’t let your fear stop you from achieving your goals. Cuz then you’ve got two enemies instead of one —- fear and regret!


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