21 Day Challenge

There is only one thing in life belongs to us and that’s body. Everything else either relationships or temporary possessions.

Let’s begin with the three most important relationships in our lives:

  • Our partners join their lives with ours but they do not belong to us. They choose whether they stay in our lives or leave us behind. And even if they stay with us for the rest of our lives we know that one of us will see Jesus before the other.
  • We have children but they’re not ours. We are only temporary custodians until they are mature enough to make decisions on their own.  
  • Our parents care for us as children and we care for them in their old age but we always know that there will come a day when they will see Jesus long before we do.

Everything else is temporary because we know that we can’t take it with us:

  • Money
  • Houses
  • Cars
  • Jewelry
  • Clothes

If you were to observe anyone’s life for a week, you’d be able to tell what was most important to them by how much time they invest in it. Is more time spent taking care of the temporary things like houses and cars than investing in relationships?  Do they take care of the relationships and neglect the body?

If we do not take care of our bodies, we will be unable to take care of the relationships or anything else. It’s not selfish to invest time and money in taking care of yourself. In reality, it’s a gift that you give to yourself and to those around you.

21 Day Challenge: Begin to invest time, energy, and money into taking care of your body by planning healthy meals, scheduling time to exercise, and setting a regular bedtime.

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