Eating out…

Unless I’m away from home, I’m not one to eat out very often. I think the food that I make myself tastes better and I know it’s better for me.

That being said there are times when  I do go out to eat for lunch appointments. Usually, I go to Angela’s and eat the Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken. But today, I went to El Sombrero. New Mexican food is not the healthiest option there is so I have to find a way to eat what is offered and do my best to eat well.  Luckily, Hank is always willing to share a plate with me…so we had the chicken burrito with green chile and very little cheese.

When you find yourself in a restaurant that doesn’t offer healthy options the next best choice is to share the healthiest thing you can find on the menu. If no one is willing to share with you then you can ask for a to go box before you start eating, divide your plate into thirds, place two-thirds in the box, and eat the rest. (You know that eating a half portion is still too much so don’t tempt yourself to eat half.)

After sharing my meal with Hank I was able to leave the restaurant with no regrets…. And you can do the same!

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