Prayer & Weights

I often find myself praying, quoting scripture, and confessing my faith when I’m at the gym. For example, when I’m working my core I ask that it be as strong as my core beliefs.  I have a simple confession that goes something like this….

I believe that you, God, are the creator of heaven and earth. I believe that you sent your son to be born of a virgin, that he died on the cross, was resurrected on the third day. I believe that is only through Jesus that we have relationship with you.  I believe that the Holy Spirit lives in and among us. I believe that one day your son will return to bring your children home.

Such a simple confession of faith but powerful because it reminds me of who God is in me and who I am in Christ. It’s the very core of what I believe and it’s absolutely non-negotiable.

As I make this confession while working my abs, physical core is coming into alignment with my spiritual core. You just wait, one day I’ll have those abs of steel as the physical representation of my spiritual truth!


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